About me and my Non-Techy Love/Hate Life with Computers

I got my first computer back in 1998, a custom-built pc with a Cyrix 333mhz cpu, 3.2gb Hdd and 32 mb of ram, it came with win 95 installed but I wanted 98 on it so me being the inpatient person I was back then, I decided to install it myself. Needless to say this was a disaster and I ended up with “stack overflow” errors, and I still don’t know what that even means.

Since then I’ve always had computers around, and for 99% of the time they’ve been Windows machines (I must have tried every Windows OS from 95, through server editions right up to Windows 8). Windows was great for all the normal day-to-day stuff, but even when they broke, they never gave much of a challenge to fix, even if you didn’t understand what you were doing, and I think I always liked the challenge.

Because of the challenge aspect of owning tech I tried dabbling in Linux (usually Debian of openSUSE) but like I already mentioned, I had little patience, and Linux was just to complicated with all its commands and partitions and all that pallaver, so I always turned back to lazy Microsoft.

Now I’m older, I’ve gained some patience, some extra time on my hands, I’ve turned back to Linux again, and what an eye opener it’s been!

I started off with Ubuntu 12.04 (yep, Unity, urgh), then went on to Lubuntu, loved the speed of the that edition but te interface always felt amateurish (shh, don’t tell the guys at LXDE I said that), and finally I found myself installing Linux Mint 16 last week, and I think I’ve found my home.

The one thing that has really amazed me about the Linux world is the sense of community, everyone, no matter what level of expertise you they may be, will help if they can, and that’s where this blog comes in, I’ve picked up some bits and bobs over the past wee while, and even if I don’t fully understand all the techno-babble, I still no what the techniques achieve in the end, so I’m going to try pass on what I learn as I learn, and we can be technically ignorant Linux experts together.

Lets have some fun and break some stuff!!


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