A warning: The Terminal can be a Mine Field!

I was going to write about Distro Upgrades as my first post, something simple (if slightly confusing) but after the disaster that hit me and my machine last night, I’ve had to write this post, probably the most important post I’ll write on this blog as well.

Let me set the scene for you: I’d decided to try change my user name, so after a little research online on how it could be done I tried out a few commands, I can’t remember them now but they’re not important for this post.

Then a light bulb went off in my mind: Why not just create a new user with the name I wanted and delete the old one?

Simple solution to something that seemed quite complicated online. So off I went, created a new user name, logged in with it, and promptly deleted the old account, all done!

Then this happened:

This is a Mock Up

This is just a Mock Up

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