Tutorials Index


For now, a basic list of the tutorial available on the blog, as the list grows, I’ll start to list them alphabetically to make for easier navigation.

(Tip: Use Cntrl+F and enter a Keyword to search for a tutorial that may be relevant to you)

Top Ten Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu (12.04 – 14.04)

How to create an Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr LiveUSB Disk in Windows

How to install Ubuntu 14.04 Beta2

Ubuntu 13.04 to 14.04 – How to Completely Uninstall/Remove a Package/Software/Program

Reset Unity and Compiz Settings in Ubuntu 14.04

Create a Multiboot Live USB Drive in Ubuntu with Multisystem

Customize GTK3 / GTK2 Theme Colours Using `GTK Theme Preferences`

Install or Upgrade to Kernel 3.14.3 in Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Upgrade to GNOME 3.12 in Ubuntu 14.04

Install Nemo 2.2.1 (With Unity Patches) In Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Get the Most from Your Terminal with Tabs and Other Customizations

PPA-Purge: How to Roll Back Major Installations in Ubuntu

How to Capture a Screenshot of Your LightDM Login Screen (Unity Greeter) in Ubuntu


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